Wave Form Batik by Entin Gartini

TOGETHER with other designers, Entin Gartini, one of the Indonesian designers, has just finished her show at the Indonesian Festival Ottawa 2018, which was held for three consecutive days, 27-29/7, at the Horticulture Building Lansdowne Park Ottawa, Canada.

Entin presented her show on the 27th, in which the show was not open to the public, because it was attended by several important Ottawa figures.

Such as Major of Ottawa Jim Watson, several MPs and CEOs of major corporations, as well as designers from Ottawa. While the next two days show opened to the public.

The event was attended by approximately 15 designers from Indonesia, both departing from Indonesia, as well as those domiciled in Canada and the United States. Entin Gartini presents 12 pieces of clothing which are a collection of written batik with a wave motif.

The colorful clothes were originally in the form of sketches that she made, then applied to written batik cloth. For the work itself, she collaborated with batik craftsmen from Yogyakarta.

Why choose the wave motif? The woman who lives in Canada said that she was inspired by the beauty of the Indonesian sea. By pouring wave motifs into his collection, Entin is at the same time promoting Indonesia’s natural tourism in Canadian society.

The design inspiration came from the costume of the Japanese Anime Princess Warrior character. His works are generally loose, asymmetrical and stacked.

Skirts stacked with side-to-side hi-low cuts, obi accents as a belt, turban, wide collar, cheongsam, and piled like a cape. He also collided several colors in one look, thus creating a colorful and edgy outfit. (53)

Text: Irma Mutiara Manggia
Photo: Entin Gartini

Source: Suara Merdeka


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