About the designer

Entin Gartini

Entin Gartini was born and raised in Semarang, Indonesia and later moved to Canada, currently residing in Montreal. She fell in love with fashion design at the age of 5 while watching her mother sew. Despite never having the opportunity to attend a fashion school, Entin continued to pursue her passion for drawing and designing. She was able to launch her debut with an online collection in 2016 and then had her first fashion show in Ottawa.

What makes her designs unique is the process of combining a thoughtful mix of handmade fabric and colorful silhouettes while also using an artistic process called batik. Each piece has an exclusive one-of-a-kind handmade batik design created by Entin herself.

Entin was one of the first Muslim designers in Canada, which has not been an easy experience. She continues her entrepreneurial journey in fashion bringing modest wear to a new level.

She was recently named The Best Fashion Designer at Ottawa Award 2021. This award is given to workers in the creative industries in Canada.

The Ottawa Faces Magazine Award is held annually by Faces Magazine Ottawa.

She also recently launch her online course about fashion design and fashion drawing, she teach many student to sharpen their drawing and business skills, teenager who prepare going to fashion design college prepare their drawing skills, business owner or someone who want to start a business in fashion industry.