Welcome to Entin Gartini Studio!

My name is Entin Gartini, and I am a fashion designer. I didn't achieve this the regular way; I didn't go to college to learn all about the craft. I started from scratch, at the bottom and I earned the right to call myself a self-made fashion designer.
In 2011 I married the love of my life, David. However, he wasn't 'the guy next door'. He is Canadian, and I am originally from Semarang, Indonesia.
To be together and live life to the fullest with the love of my life at my side, I moved to Montreal, Canada.At the moment I am a very proud mother of 3 beautiful children.

My life turned upside down when I moved to Canada and changed drastically. These changes have advantages as well as disadvantages.
I finally got to pursue my dream and become a fashion designer. Although, I didn't have the money to pursue my dream immediately.

I started working at a restaurant full time, to provide for my family and make sure my kids were properly dressed and well-fed.
I started drawing  during my daybreak time at work and post it on instagram everyday. And many stranger write me message that they want my design into real cloths. I was over the moon at that time and the same time I am so confuse how to make my drawing become real cloths since my drawing have many detail and artistic. Since that day I drawing purposely and know how to find the fabric and how to make in real cloths.

Each time I received my paycheck, I tried to deduct some of my salaries to save for fashion design books, I collected free things from the internet and implemented this into my business.
Step by step I made progress in achieving my goal: becoming a fashion designer. This was not without success; in 2017 was my debut fashion show in Ottowa, which is a two-hour drive from my home. I was so scared, stressed, nervous yet so excited about the experience since it was my first fashion show. I liked it a lot and continued to design and make a new collection for the next year. It there started off as a rollercoaster. I started to receive invitations for other fashion shows, in several cities. In February 2021, I even won the award for 'BEST FASHION DESIGNER 2021' from Faces Magazine by people's choice!

I was so immensely happy and grateful; this exceeded all of my expectations!
I felt so blessed, and I could never have made it without the support of my dear friends, family and the audience.

Dear people; what I am trying to say is: You don't need an expensive education or a lot of money to be who you want to be.
As long as you keep pursuing your goal, work hard and never quit, you will accomplish anything you want!
You can be the person you want to be, and achieve so much.
I can say I never quit; I never stopped working and I kept pursuing my dream; becoming a fashion designer.

As you can see, I started with absolutely nothing. But I had this bigger vision. I knew I had the potential, so I just pursued my ambition that was also my passion.
I am here to tell you you got this. You will succeed.

This website was created specifically for my cloth creation in the beginning, but I also enjoy creating my artwork.
Since my debut in the fashion industry, many people ask me how to start a business or fashion business without attending prestigious fashion school and still winning the best designer award?
From how to draw, how to start a business with a small budget, how to sell the artwork etc. So I created a digital product like an ebook, course to help and guide another busy mommy like me, another immigrant like me who have limitation in language, regular mommy like me who want to have a side hustle, a regular mommy who doesn't have money to start the business like me but still able to make an impact to the community.
I want to share my experience with the world.
I hope I can connect with you all.

Sending Love
Entin Gartini