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TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - The 2018 Indonesia Festival with the theme "Indonesian Fashion in Ottawa", the work of Indonesian designer Entin Gartini has been widely praised by fashion observers in Canada. The event which took place at the Horticulture Building, Lansdowne Park, Ottawa, Canada, Entin Gartini presented Batik Ombak which became the identity of his work. Also attending the fashion show by Entin Gartini, the Indonesian Ambassador to Canada, Dr. Teuku Faizasyah, and the Mayor of Ottawa, Mr. Jim Watson

According to Entin, Batik Ombak is a concept sketch of his own creativity. Made from quality materials with written batik technique. Even done by batik craftsmen in Jogjakarta. He chose Jogjakarta because he wanted to empower batik makers who live in villages.

While the Wave Motif is inspired by the extraordinary beauty of the Indonesian sea. This design seems to mark the depth of Entin Gartini's love for Indonesian nature. He added, as well as promoting Indonesian tourism to the Canadian community.

"This is where my love for the beauty of the Indonesian sea actually lies. The waves are like energy in expressing creative ideas. My hope is that my Batik Ombak design can help promote Indonesian natural tourism to the Canadian people," said Entin Gartini, when met at Plaza Indonesia ( 29/72018).

From the design that dares to take bold colors, he says this is a luxury from the diversity of Indonesian culture. He accentuated luxury in a bold yet elegant color play, without beads and other accessories.

"Because I'm not interested in flowers and jewelry, so I made a luxurious design without having to use beads and other accessories. I poured it into a game of cutting patterns and the details of the edges of the fabric that were almost all coated so that the color was more assertive to make it look luxurious," said the woman. from Semarang who is now living in Canada

At this event, Entin Gartini presented 12 ready-to-wear clothing collections, whose design patterns were inspired by the anime character "Princess Warrior". The concept of the narrative implies more of a woman who is tough and brave. If worn by a woman, her self-confidence increases even more.

Entin added that he did not want his steps to stop at the 2018 Indonesian Fashion in Ottawa event. He also discussed this with the Indonesian Embassy in Canada regarding his departure for New York Fashion Week 2019. It is hoped that through his work, designer Entin Gartini will present more of Indonesia's natural beauty.

It's a good thing to do.

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