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Entin Gartini, was recently named The Best Designer at the Ottawa Award 2021. This award is given to workers in creative industries in the City of Ottawa, Canada. The Ottawa Award is held annually by Faces Magazine Ottawa.

Entin, who is married to a Canadian man, beat 20 finalists. The work that he entered in the competition was the wave batik combined with the Truntum batik motif. The work received 100 People's Choice by Voting For The Best Designer

The wave batik was originally made in the form of a sketch, then applied in a written batik pattern. Entin collaborated with batik from Yogyakarta. The idea of ​​making batik waves was inspired by the natural beauty of the beaches and seas of Indonesia, especially the beaches of Bali and Lombok. So, in addition to batik, he also popularized the beauty of Indonesian beach destinations to the Canadian public.

"The sketch of the waves narrates the beauty of the beach, which I processed with a combination of bright colors, to a modern abstract batik pattern. I hope that my wave motif can be known to the world," said Entin in an e-mail.

Wave batik is the hallmark of Entin's work. Three years ago, this designer from Semarang caught the attention of the Canadian public when his work with a similar theme appeared at Indonesian Fashion in Ottawa 2018. The batik was also popularized by a well-known American celebrity with the 'panthere_instyle' account. In one of his posts, Entin's batik waves were matched with Louboutin shoes and Chanel bags.

Entin started his career as a designer by participating in various fashion shows, starting from small events in Ottawa City to big events in Ottawa and Montreal in 2017. 

"By reading a lot and learning to draw from online courses from several websites and YouTube, I finally started posting design drawings to social media and got the first two customers. At that time, I was just drawing, I didn't know how to turn the image into clothes," he said. Tempo, Thursday, March 11, 2021.

At that time he was drawing puppets and Papuan batik motifs. But because they are too unique and artistic, the pictures are difficult to become real works. From there, he began to think about how his works could be turned into masterpieces.

“I collect a little money from my salary to make one or two clothes, using the services of batik from Bantul. I sent the concept of the design motif and then it was produced into clothes using tailor services in Semarang and Jakarta. After going through the sampling process, all the clothes are sent to Canada,” he said.

After attending several fashion shows in Ottawa and Montreal, her name became known. He admitted that every year he gets invitations to fashion shows in several countries such as New York, Milan, Paris, and Dubai but does not have enough funds.

According to him, Canadians' response to his work has been extraordinary. She often gets mentions on Instagram after fashion shows.

Although he has often held shows in Canada, Entin admitted that he had never participated in a fashion event in Indonesia.

"Later, when the time is right, I can take a long vacation with my husband and children, maybe I can do a fashion show in Indonesia," he said.

Entin's next dream is to introduce his work in countries in North America, Europe, and Asia for a wider market. He also wants to share his knowledge with start-up fashion designers in Indonesia.

"Want to encourage talented people who don't have the opportunity to go to fashion design school but can still exist in the world-class fashion world," said the designer.

Reporter: Tempo.co

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