On Spotlight - Entin Gartini makes Indonesia proud after being named The Best Designer at the 2021 Ottawa Award

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - Designer Entin Gartini has increasing popularity in Canada. The Indonesian designer has just received an award from the 2021 Ottawa Award as 'The Best Designer'.

A high honor for creators in the city of Ottawa, Canada, the Ottawa Award is held annually by Faces Magazine Ottawa magazine, one of Canada's most popular media outlets.

Entin Gartini competed with 20 works of finalists from Canada, she got 100% People's Choice by Voting For The Best Designer.

Entin included one of her best works, Batik Ombak combined with the Truntum batik motif.

Batik Ombak or Wave Batik is present in Entin's sketch of ideas, which is applied in a written batik pattern. In the process, she collaborated with batik from Yogyakarta. Her vision is to elevate original Indonesian creative products to world-class fashion events

Batik Ombak is inspired by the natural beauty of Indonesia's beaches and seas, especially the beaches of Bali and Lombok. The feel of the beach for her has become a favorite place for traveling, as well as proclaiming the beauty of beach destinations in Indonesia.

"Ombak batik sketches narrate the beauty of the beach, which I processed with a combination of bright colors, to modern abstract batik patterns. I hope that my wave motifs can be better known to the world," quoted Entin in an email

Batik Ombak, a designer born in Semarang, Central Java, was once popularized by an American celebrity with the '@Panthere_instyle' account. In one of her posts, Batik Ombak is harmonized with Louboutin shoes and Channel brand bags.

Entin Gartini does live in Montreal, Canada. She has published his career as a designer by participating in various fashion shows in the cities of Ottawa and Montreal since 2017. Until finally, this February 2021, he won the title of The Best Designer from the 2021 Ottawa Award.

"I didn't think that last year I was nominated. Unfortunately, the information on the nomination came from a friend. And in 2021, my work has been responded positively by Ottawa fashion journalists and fashion bloggers, so that my work can win," said Entin.

It is hoped that after winning, Entin wants to introduce Batik Ombak to a wider community, namely North America, the United States, Europe, and Asia. At the same time preparing to appear in world-class fashion shows.

She also wants to share knowledge with start-up fashion designers from Indonesia, who will develop their work abroad, especially in America.

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